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DMCA, Report Copyright Violation

Report Copyright Violation

  • §       All copyright claims must be send to: Action will be taken within 24 hrs. and you will be informed via email of the action we have taken. Please follow the procedure as indicated below:
  • §      The claim must be written in English language.
  • §      The claim must be sent from a company email, Claims sent from free service emails like AOL, Yahoo, Gmail etc. Will be rejected.
  • §      You must present evidence that shows that you are the copyright holder or that you are acting on behalf of the copyright holder.
  • §      You must present evidence that show that the content in legally copyrighted and that you are the copyright holder.
  • §      The materials that need to be removed must be provided in form of material name and DIRECT links to each publication. We don’t accept links to search queries, categories, tags or subcategories.
  • §       Provide sufficient content information with valid email address.
  • §      Please note that this website does not host any website or blogsite in our servers. All we have here are LINKS that lead to external third party servers that are NOT managed by us. Simply put, we are index LINKS in search engine. None of these LINKS are hosted in our servers.
  • §      We are in full compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and all other international copyright laws. However, we still can disable a link to a publication from our site if the copy right owner would like us to do so.
  • §      Finally, you need to know that after we receive your request we will disable the publication’s link only from our website. We can’t remove a file from other websites hosting it. Even if the file has our name on it or in its description.

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